Leasehold in Thailand
The lease (tenancy) agreement

this is a lease agreement template agreement in thai and english language

Lease or rent of land, house or condominium for residential purpose by foreigners is governed by civil and commercial code sections 537 to 571. Foreigners are under Thai law allowed to lease real estate property for up to 30 years and the law is applied in the same manner if the lessee is a foreign or Thai national.

home in samui and owner's documents

Buying a Thai Home
foreign ownership of a house

Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand but are allowed to lease land under a land lease agreement registered with the land department and own the structure built on leased land. Obtaining the correct legal ownership of the building upon the leased land greatly increases the land lessee's rights and long term interest in the property. The right to own a building upon another man's land however always relates to the right to use and possess the land, i.e the term of the land lease (and optional the term of an additional right of superficies).

Marriage Contract
prenuptial in Thailand

A prenuptial in Thailand is established through agreement between a man and a woman who are about to be married. A prenuptial agreement in Thailand (download ZIP-package) is ONLY a valid contract if it is made BEFORE the marriage and REGISTERED with the local municipality government office where the marriage takes place.

Sample of a prenuptial agreement

Land Acquisition
land office documents

A Thai national married to a foreign national may acquire land in Thailand but it must be assured that the land will be a personal property of the Thai spouse and not a jointly owned asset between husband and wife based on marital property laws. The Thai and foreign spouse must prove to the land official upon ownership registration that the money used for the purchase is personal property of the Thai spouse according to section 1471 and 1472 Civil and Commercial Code and/ or supply an land office official certify letter stating that the spending on land is separate property (Sin Suan Tua) or personal asset of the Thai spouse, and not a personal property of the foreign spouse or jointly owned property (sin som ros) between husband and wife.

Owning a boat
ownership of a boat in Thailand

View from the beach to the sea Koh Samui

If a foreigner wishes to purchase a vessel and register it under Thai law, many considerations have to be taken into account. This article aims to provide a general guideline for foreigners on the procedures and regulations involved in the purchase and registration of a vessel for commerce.

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