Leaving my condo in Thailand to my son in England

Hello I am English living in Thailand. I have a condo which I would like to give or leave to my son in England . I guess all I need is a document I can attach to the chanote and give him now (not when I die )?
Asked 10 years ago
It does not make a difference whether you want to give your condo unit to your son now or later leave the condo unit to your son as the benificiary by a last will. Your son must in both cases qualify for foreign ownership under the condominium act of Thailand. Foreign ownership is governed by section 19 of the Thailand condominium act. The question is if your son is qualified or entitled to register foreign ownership under section 19? If not the question is can he become eligible for foreign ownership and satisfy the appropriate conditions under section 19? The condominium act puts restrictions on foreign ownership, and once foreign ownership is given it is personal to that person or persons and the right of foreign ownership is not transferable to another foreign, each foreigner much individually qualify for foreign condominium ownership in Thailand. More information: foreign ownership under the condominium act of Thailand (opinion) Law resources: Thailand Condominium Law (translated)
Answered 9 years ago
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