What are my responsibilties when girlfriend is pregnant??

My Thai girl friend is pregnant (3 months) and wants to keep the baby and I do not. Do I have any legal or financial responsibility should we break up. Note that I would take moral responsibility.
Asked 11 years ago

I would be very sceptical with such claims, especially when you met her in a bar when you were on holiday in Thailand. For Thai (bar) girls claiming they are pregnant is one of the top 10 scams in Thailand. The girl will say she is pregnant but she is not and it is just a trick to ask you for more money and to milk you as much possible even after the relationship has ended and you are back home. She will ask money for an abortion or money to raise the baby or for any other pupose for which you are willing to pay. Funny thing is that this trick is often played with several foreigners at the same time.
Legal rights and responsibilities between a man and a child primarily exists based on Thailand civil laws, section family law, see reference links below. 

Answered 11 years ago

Don't be a fool, don't pay, it is a very common and one of the oldest scams in Thailand! Thai bar girls, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
Answered 11 years ago

Ok we can understand your care and frustration but please get a grip! Thai Girls are renowned for pulling all types of scams and the fake pregnancy is one of the most despicable! Check her out online before you pay is she a cheater and or scammer!!!
Answered 10 years ago

I've heard about the trick you guys are talking about. I suggest do the DNA test just to be sure. What if she is really pregnant. I am not an expert as I am also came across this website to sort out my personal issue too. Do the DNA test to be sure. The rest, let's wait for an expert to answer you.
Answered 10 years ago

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