Do I have to pay for my Thai wifes gambling debts?

My Thai wife has a tendancy to gamble when she gets drunk and may well offer to use our house or land as a wager. How about my rights to the house and am I responsible for her gambling debts upon divorce which I am unaware of at present as these were not for family but for her own personal amusement?
Asked 11 years ago
Tony K
Gambling is in general illegal in Thailand (Gambling Act BE 2478 (1935)) and gambling debt collection cannot be enforced by law. However, if the house is registered as her sole personal property, as with foreign - Thai marriages is often is the case in Thailand, she is able to transfer ownership of the house without your consent to pay off her gambling debts. You are not responsible for her personal debts. Any created debts used by her personally or for her personal amusement (gambling), and not in any way for joint or family purposes, are her personal debts and not marital debts. Only common or debts incurred for family purposes are basically the responsibility of both spouses under Thai family laws.
Answered 11 years ago

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