Land Lease Contract

A rental or lease agreement is in section 537 of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code defined as a tenancy contract whereby a person, called the lessor or landlord, agrees to let another person, called the lessee or tenant, have the use or benefit of his property for a limited period of time (not exceeding 30 years at the time) and the lessee agrees to pay rent therefore.

sample lease agreement Thai English language

Download this modern Thai lawyer drafted Thai English language Land Lease Agreement (สัญญาเช่าที่ดิน) with the maximum lease term of 30 years offering protection for the land lessee. This land lease contract for undeveloped land gives the right to the land lessee to build a residential home. This contract or contract structure contains options benefiting the lessee.

The land lease zip package contains:

  • land lease contract (2 different versions/ formats (Th-En))
  • land lease addendum (sample document)
  • law translation, important legal notes and instructions how to use (zip contains Office Words RTF document files)
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This complete draft land lease agreement is not a one-time drafted contract but developed over time and its content is in compliance with Land Office regulations. Click 'Order It' and follow the checkout procedure. The land lease contract package will be sent instantly to the email supplied in the customer information and a website download link will be provided. This contract can be used as a draft or to finalize the terms of a land lease with a lessor or lessee.

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