• Owning a house in koh chang (built on water)

    I am looking at a house in Thailand which is on the water, and has a walkway to the land. The title is something called Tabien Baan and located in Koh Chang. I cannot find any information regarding this. Is this a secure form of title? What does it actually mean?

  • Ta Bien Baan Requirements

    Hi There I am in Thailand on a Non Immigrant Retirement visa and renting a Condo for a year, do I need a copy of the House Book for Immigration? I am told that every time I re-enter Thailand I will have to go to my local Immigration Office within 24 hours of arrival and present my Passport, Owners ID (signed) and a signed copy of the House Book. I do have a formal lease and I have a signed copy of the owners ID (Passport) but I have never been given a House Book. What do I need to do? Thank you Kind regards Brian