Maintenance (alimony) may be claimed between husband and wife or parent and child after after marital separation or divorce (child and spousal support).



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Section 1598/38. Maintenance may be claimed between husband and wife or parent and child when the party entitled to maintenance has not been furnished with the maintenance or has been furnished with the maintenance insufficient to his condition in life. How much and to what extend the maintenance would be granted or not will be decided by the Court, by taking account of the ability of the person bound to furnish the maintenance, the condition in life of the receiver and the circumstances of the case.

Adoption in Thailand under Thai civil law involves the creation of the parent-child relationship between individuals who are not naturally so related. Below the civil code Titel II Chapter IV and Thai civil law on adoption and the rights, privileges, and duties of a child adoption in Thailand.

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Section 1598/19. A person who is not less than twenty five years old may adopt another, provided he is at least fifteen years older than the adopted person.

Guardianship under Thai family law: a guardian is the person (usually a non-parent) who has been appointed by a judge/ Court to take care of a minor child (called a ward) and manage that child's affairs (parental power). Custody is when a biological parent of a minor has been given the power to make decisions regarding the minor’s welfare. This is governed by the section 'parent and child' of the civil code.



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Section 1585. A person who is not sui juris and has no parents, or whose parents are deprived of their parental power, may be provided with a guardian during minority.

Thai family law, laws governing the state or relationship of being a parent in Thailand. The legal relationship between a father or mother and his or her child is given special legal consideration in the civil code of Thailand. Below the sections 'parent and child', legal 'child custody'.





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Section 1536. A child born of a woman during wedlock or within three hudred and ten days after the termination of the marriage is presumed to be the legitimate child of the husband or the man who used to be the husband, as the case may be.

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