Download a quality Thai English usufruct contract (สัญญาให้สิทธิเก็บกิน) for land and house in Thailand. Thai lawyer drafted 'right of usufruct agreements' for real estate in Thailand online.

Land and house lease agreement for a term exceeding 3 years, Thai language lease agreement with an English translation.

Thailand prenuptial contract (สัญญาก่อนสมรส) or ante nuptial agreement template. Complete lawyer drafted prenuptial agreement in Thai and English protecting personal property and setting out the terms of possession of assets and control of the marital property. Thai English language 'prenup' drafted under Thai law.

Download a quality Thai English land lease (สัญญาเช่าที่ดิน) agreement. Thai lawyer drafted contracts for real estate in Thailand online.

It is not necessary to visit a lawyer at his office to make a last will in Thailand. Simply download a Thai lawyer drafted last will template drafted under Thai law, specificaly for assets in Thailand (view sample content).

This English language agreement of purchase and sale (condominium resale) is a law firm template document that is used if one foreigner sells his condominium to another foreigner in Thailand.

Sale and purchase agreement for land (สัญญาจะซื้อจะขายที่ดิน) with an English translation. A 9 page Thai sale and purchase contract for titled land.

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