Condominium sale and purchase contract

Condo sale and purchase agreement. This complete template contract contains standard and optional clauses for the sale and purchase of a condominium unit in Thailand.

This general and easy to use condominium resale contract:

  • the agreed price and payment schedule
  • transfer date
  • exact details of the condominium
  • responsibilities for transfer fees and taxes
  • foreign ownership availability
  • warranties of buyer and seller
  • warranties and matters relating to due diligence conducted prior to signing the sale and purchase agreement.

(Note: This complete template sale contract (in English language) can be used in the resale of a foreign owned condo between foreigners in Thailand. It details the terms of the condo sale transaction and obligates the buyer to buy and the seller to sell the unit and contains specific clauses for foreign ownership of the unit. Buying an apartment unit off-the-plan or a new unit directly from a developer requires a different sale and purchase agreement format. )

Condominium unit sale agreement ZIP file contains:

  • condo sale agreement in Word and RTF (2 versions of the apartment unit sale and purchase agreement (foreign ownership)
  • document with notes and questionnaire for the seller
  • click to preview document

This contract can be used as a draft or to finalize the terms of a sale and purchase of a foreign owned condominium unit in Thailand.

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