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Section 486. The buyer is bound to take delivery of the property sold and to pay the price in accordance with the terms of the contract of sale.

Section 487. The price of the property sold may be fixed by the contract, or may be left to be fixed in manner thereby agreed, or may be determined by the course of dealing between the parties.

When the price is not determined as aforesaid, the buyer must pay a reasonable price.

Section 488. If the buyer has discovered defects in the property sold, he is entitled to withhold the price or part of it still unpaid, unless the seller gives proper security.

Section 489. The buyer is also entitled to withhold the price wholly or partly, if he is threatened, or has good reason to believe that he is about to be threatened, with an action by a mortgagee or by a person claiming the property sold, until the seller has caused the danger with which he is threatened to cease, or until the seller has given proper security.

Section 490. If a time is fixed for the delivery of the property sold, it is presumed that the same time is fixed for the payment of the price.

table of contents

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