Agency and poa
power of attorney in Thailand

signing a Thai contract

A 'power of attorney' lets you appoint someone you trust to manage important matters on your behalf (a lawyer, family member, friend). A power of attorney is basically used to legally hand over control of your affairs to another person. The 'principal' empowers another individual 'attorney-in-fact' (or agent) to act on his behalf. The attorney in fact takes control of the principal’s business and legal dealings subject to the power of attorney.

Inheritance law
last will and testament

The Thai legal system of succession and inheritance is codified and can be found in the civil and commercial 'Book V Succession'. It among others governs the distribution and administration of the estate of a person after his death, how to make a valid will in Thailand (Title III 'Wills'), and determines what happens to a person's assets after death when there is no last will or testament made.

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