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Gambling laws. Gambling agreement to risk (win or lose) something of value (money) on the outcome of a future subject of chance (event) not under his control or influence in the hope to receive a desired return (prize) on his risky action.



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Section 853. No obligation is created by gambling or betting. What has been given by reason of the gambling or betting may not be demanded back on the ground that no obligation existed.

These provisions apply also to an agreement whereby the losing party, for the purpose of satisfying a gambling debt or a bet, incurs an obligation towards the other party.

Section 854. A lottery contract or a raffle contract is binding if the lottery of the raffle is specially authorized or ratified by the Government. In all other cases the provisions of Section shall apply.

Section 855. Subject to the provisions of Sections 312 and 916, every bill or other given in whole or in part for any money won by gambling or betting, or for repaying money lent for such gambling or betting shall be invalid.

For the purpose of this provision, any money lent to a person while gambling or betting the time or place of such play shall be presumed to have been lent for such gambling or betting.

table of contents

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