Is a usufruct the way to go nowadays?

I heard that usufruct is the way to go when investing in real estate in Thailand, since the Thai holding company route is more or less closed by the government. Is a usufruct the best option for investment in real estate in Thailand? Thanks
Asked 11 years ago
I would say no. Usufruct is one of Thailand's real property rights that creates an interest in an immovable property for a specific person or persons. You cannot buy and sell a property under usufruct, or sell the right of usufruct. The right of usufruct grants to a specific person(s) for a period of time the right to use and manage an immovable property owned by someone else. The person granted the right of usufruct obtains the right to use and derive profit from the property but in essence he must keep the property in good condition and unaltered. It is for example not a right that allows you to build upon land or remove a structure, therefore usufructs are usually registered over land and house (when usufruct is used for residential purposes). Usufruct is not transferable and always ends at death of the person or persons granted the right of usufurct (non inheritable). You could use a right of usufruct in specific situations, like to protect a foreign spouse when a property in Thailand is registered as a personal property of the Thai spouse.
Answered 11 years ago

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