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dear sir, i make a contract habitation with my sister (owner) in dutch. in 2008 . but we not register it. can we used it when there comes a problem between her and me ? need it to make it in thai and english also? can i still registred it now . but the prblem is that she is not planned to come to thailand. if we make it in thai and english also, can i register it, without her when i come in thailand.? can u inform me please ? thanks will TITLE V HABITATION (ARSAI) table of contents Section 1402. A person who has been granted a right of habitation (arsai) in a building is entitled to occupy such building as a dwelling place without paying rent. Section 1403. A right of habitation may be created either for a period of time or for the life of the grantee.
Asked 7 years ago

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