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I have been presented with a contract for "Common Area Management" and "Rental Management Programme" . Both contracts are in English , but it says that both fall under thai law. At what point does a tranlated copy of these contracts need to be presented, do they need to be dual language from day 1 when signed or will notarised translated copies suffice when disputes need to be settled in court
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Asked 10 years ago
marc eversdijk
A contract in another language in Thailand is legally binding provided that both parties understand the content of the contract and the contract is not in conflict with Thai law. They should at least be able to read, write and speak the language fluently or they could argue in a later stage that they did not understand what they signed and therefore there was no meeting of minds on details and the contract does not meet the requirements under Thai law of a valid contract. When a contract is in Thai and another language the basic principle under Thai law (section 14 of the Civil and Commercial Code) is that the Thai version of a contract shall govern if it is not possible to ascertain which language was intended to govern. Any contract that must be registered with the government must be in Thai language, when it has to go through court is must also be a certified translation when a foreign language has been used in the contract.
Answered 10 years ago
Legal Consultant

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