Is a foreign marriage valid in Thailand

Maybe you can answer my question. Is a marriage under foreign law valid in thailand? Say, we (foreign and thai national) married in Germany and want to register our marriage in thailand. How do we do this, do we need to the amphur in thailand to marry again under Thai law or do we go to the Thai embassy in Thailand to have it certified? Thanks.
Asked 11 years ago

Book V 'Marriage'

Title I Chapter II 'Conditions of Marriage'
Section 1459. A marriage in foreign country between Thai people or between a Thai national and a foreigner may be effected according to the form prescribed by Thai law or by the law of the country where it takes place. If the spouses desire to have the marriage registered according to Thai law, the registration shall be effected by a Thai Diplomatic or Consular Officer.
Answered 11 years ago
Civil Code

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