Condominium house blue book and yellow book

I have bought a condo (as a Thai company) and like to know if I need work permit as foreign director and what are the books for??
Asked 11 years ago
As a foreigner you could be asked for a work permit by any government department or semi government in Thailand when acting on behalf of the company. Also when opening a company bank account or applying for a telephone line to the unit on behalf of the company a work permit could be requested. This requirement is getting more common in Thailand. You may need a work permit or not. back and front title deed of an appartment As for the apartment unit documents, you will have a unit ownership title deed issued by the land department on the name of the company and a blue house address and resident registration book issued by the local government (municipality) office. This 'house book' is issued with every address registration in Thailand. You cannot exchange the blue book for a yellow book (for foreigners) because your unit is Thai owned on the name of a Thai juristic entity. The house book is not an important document for foreigners, when it comes to ownership it means nothing and it is usually empty for foreigners, but you need it (with the company documents and unit title deed) when applying for anything where an address is required for the applicant in the application. The house book is issued by the local municipality and contains the address details and names of the persons living in it and who are registered with the local municipality as the Thai or foreign residents at the address. In the blue book (tabien baan) only foreigners with official recidency in Thailand can be registered in a blue house book. Read more in the reference link below. In case of a foreign owner this book is usually empty.
Answered 11 years ago

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