Working hours and Severance pay clauses in employment contract

Dear Sir or Madam, Having concerns about a new employment contract that was proposed to me here in Thailand, I hope you can give me your assessment. The following clauses appear to me very questionable: 1) "Severance pay: Not applicable" Severance pay is explicitly mentioned as "not applicable" even though the contract as office employee is a regular 5 days a week, all year round, not project related, non-seasonal and open-ended employment. 2) "Working hours: 40 hours per week. In case of duty necessities, overtime may be instructed, which will only be compensated if exceeding maximum working hours of 48 as according to the Thai Labour Act." The contract is stating 40 hours of work per week, while the company's work rules applicable to all employees’ specifying start and end times of work for ever day of the week resulting in 40 hours/week all year round for everyone in the office. Despite that, overtime is paid only after 48 hours had been exceeded. Wouldn't you agree that these two points appear contrary to the Thai Labour Protection Act? Your kind assessment and support on that would be very much appreciated. Yours faithfully, Drew
Asked 7 years ago

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