second hand car sale

Dear Sir/Madam, I wonder if you could help me through some advice, please - I sold a second hand toyota pick-up which has been in an accident. I sold the car to a car tent in Bangkok which was fully equipped with a garage and mechanics. The salesman part exchanged a new car for my car and cash. I made sure that when he was looking at my car I lifted the bonnet and told him it had been in an accident. Now 3 months after the exchange the dealer is asking for paper work detailing the accident and is trying to get money from us. The cars blue book is now in my wife's name. I feel that I notified the dealer of the accident and being a professional he should exercise due caution when purchasing a second hand car. Please could you let me know if I need to provide evidence of the accident and repairs or basically it is not necessary. I feel it is a used car which is sold as is. It was sold to a person who works as a car dealer in a car tent who would be expected to know about these things before making a deal and exchange. I am concerned because he is hassling my gf and even mentioned the police. These calls always seem to come at the end of the month. Yours Sincerely, Matt
Asked 8 years ago

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