Mr van Dun

Hello, My father bought a house in bang saray. He started compagny for this house with unknown shareholders.. He tought to be smart by giving his girlfriend about 10 % as a shareholder so he had majority. Now he finnished with girlfriend.. She sees house as her house and she wants 1 mil; baht for sale on a house for 2 or 3 mil baht.. They had many problems, and every time she calls police. She is talking that my father has insulted the king because before farang go to jail for that. He has never done this and has high respect of the royalty in thailand.But she saw on tv farang go to jail for she lie that he does the same. 2 year before i was on vacation with my 6 year old son at his house and i saw she hit my father. He did nothing back only trie stop her, she called police, who could not speek englisch, and they were very angry my father. Later on he even had to go police for he does not know what. Policeman write on paper something in thai while the girl was massaging policemen in the neck ???? And told my father why he doesnt't pay her. ??? My father is verry stressed about this and wants to sell the house. He is verry scarred of her. He will sell for anny price just to stop his restles nights. He is 69 years old, sick and no power to fight legaly. So; i want to buy the house. I must commit for a verry low price. I am just a factory worker. And my father just wants to leave all problems behind. Acctually he does not even really want i buy. He is scarred i hit her and go to jail. So i want to do this leagaly without my father ever seing her again, because i will be the new owner. I want to let you now this is no construction, i really want to buy. I want to know how to handle this or if someone want to handle this. She wrote herself in as legaly living there a few years ago. My father did not know this and so was not with his aproval. She lives at the house now and does not want to leave only for 1 million baht. My father is because of healthy reasons in Holland. Following problems have to be taken care of. A. How to get her out of the house. B. how put my name without shareholders. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Asked 8 years ago
HAJ van Dun

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