Is there joint ownership or ownership-in-common in Thailand?

In Canada, we have two ways for more than one person to own land. (It is called tenancy, because technically all land is owned by the government of Canada, or 'the Crown') First, we have joint tenancy. When one of the tenants/ owners dies, the remaining tenants own the property. All the interests in the property are equal. Second, we have 'tenancy in common'. Each owner has a right to the land, and if he dies, his share in the land goes to his heir. How does property law work in Thailand? Is it similar, or different? For example, if a single mother wants to ensure her property goes to her daughter, how does she do this? Is it better to leave it to her in her will, or can she have 'joint tenancy' with her daughter, so they both have legal title to the land?
Asked 7 years ago

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