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Section 770. A warehouseman is a person who, in the usual course of his business, undertakes the storage and custody of goods for remuneration.

Section 771. The provisions of this Code concerning Deposit apply to Warehousing in so far they are not contrary to the provisions of this Title.

Section 772. The provisions of sections 616, 619, 623, 625, 630, 631, and 632 concerning Carriage apply to Warehousing mutatis mutandis.

Section 773. The warehousman is bound to allow the holder of the warehouse receipt or the holder of the warrant to inspect the goods and to take samples at any reasonable time during business hours.

Section 774. The warehouseman cannot demand the removal if the goods by the depositor before expiration of the period agreed upon. If no time for the return of the goods was fixed, the warehousman may return them only on giving one month's notice to the depositor, provided that the latter shall not be compelled to remove the goods before two months have elapsed since delivery.


Warehouse receipt and warant

Section 775 

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