Land and House Sale and Purchase Agreement

Land and house (real estate) sale and purchase agreement. This dual language (Thai English) legal contract drafted under Thai law can be used for real estate transactions in Thailand and obligates a buyer to buy and a seller to sell the property and details the terms of the transaction.

land SPA sale and purchase contract

Thai lawyer drafted real estate (land and house) sale and purchase agreement

Standard land and house sale contract (SPA) contains details such as the price and payment terms, responsibility for transfer fees and taxes, assurances (warranties) of the seller about the facts and (legal) conditions of the property, termination and default clauses, assignment of the contract and governing law.

The land and house sale and purchase agreement zip package contains:

  • complete Thai lawyer drafted land and house sale and purchase agreements (Th-En)
  • read this file with notes, tips and instructions (zip contains editable Words and RTF document files)
  • contract preview (the actual downloadable sale agreement contains provisions for land and house)

This land and house sale contract package includes instructions how to use and general notes and tips to consider before signing a land and house sale and purchase agreement.