• can one import hemp into thailand since the legalization a few weeks ago?

    It appears that the cultivation of hemp in thailand was just made legal. When will this go into effect and will import and export of hemp be allowed? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • If a law firm is later found to be unregistered(as a law firm) are the actions of its employees (lawyers) still valid? and legal?

    If a client has a contract with a law firm in Thailand , and later it becomes apparent that the law firm is unregistered as such , are the actions of its lawyers still valid? or could they be open to scrutiny at a later date ?
  • Liability of shareholder in a Thai limited Company

    i'd like to understand the limitation of liability for a minority shareholder in a Thai business limited Specifically i'd like to understand whether a shareholder can be held accountable for the actions of the board of directors. if shareholder can be held responsible for directors actions then to what level from what i have read so far i think that the shareholders can only be held accountable up to the amount of "unpaid" shares that they own, just like some confirmation that this is actually correct Thanks
  • sale a business to open the same next door

    I bought a diving business 4 years ago for about 150000euros, the previous owner want to open the same business at the same location. In Europe this is 100% illegal ! what about Thailand ? If someone sale a business and open the same business in the same location, he moves customers away and sale nothing at the end. Please help.
  • Why must I pay Business Tax when selling my condo?

    Why do I have to pay business tax over the selling price of my condo. I'm selling my own privately owned condo, owned in my own name, not a business, no inestment purposes. I do not make a profit on the sale. Still the agent handling the sale says I must deduct 3,3 % business tax from the sale proceeds and pay this to the land office. Is this correct? Are there no exemptions for foreigners who are just in Thailand for holidays?