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  • Civil law Divorce and Termination of Marriage

    Family law in Thailand is the area of the law that deals with family-related issues and encompasses marriage, adoption, divorce, custody, death, and inheritance. Below the section of Thai family law governing divorce and termination of marriage.



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    Section 1501. Marriage (Thai marriage) in Thailand is terminated by death, divorce or being cancelled by the Court.

  • Maintenance Child and Alimony

    Maintenance (alimony) may be claimed between husband and wife or parent and child after after marital separation or divorce (child and spousal support).



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    Section 1598/38. Maintenance may be claimed between husband and wife or parent and child when the party entitled to maintenance has not been furnished with the maintenance or has been furnished with the maintenance insufficient to his condition in life. How much and to what extend the maintenance would be granted or not will be decided by the Court, by taking account of the ability of the person bound to furnish the maintenance, the condition in life of the receiver and the circumstances of the case.

  • Thai Divorce Law and Legal Grounds

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    Divorce formally terminates marriage in Thailand and is the legal ending of a marriage. Divorce in Thailand means the dissolution of a marriage by the judgment of a court pursuant the grounds for divorce as listed under section 1516 of the Civil and Commercial Code or by the Amphur in Thailand upon request in person by both spouses and when there is mutual consent on the terms of divorce between husband and wife.