lease law

  • 537-571 Property Lease Rental or Tenancy Laws

    Tenancy laws (governing lease and rentals)

    There is no special law created for lease and rent of immovable property by individual foreigners in Thailand and foreigners may lease immovable property (including land for residential purposes) as provided by the Civil and Commercial Code. The term of the lease contract cannot exceed thirty years, once the contract comes to an end, it can be renewed (the owner willing to renew the contract), but it must not exceed thirty years from the date of renewal.

  • Real Estate Leasehold, Lease and Tenancy laws

    Leasehold in Thailand
    The lease (tenancy) agreement

    Lease or rent of land, house or condominium apartment unit for residential purpose by foreigners is governed by civil and commercial code sections 537 to 571. Foreigners are under Thai law allowed to lease real estate property for up to 30 years and the law is applied in the same manner if the lessee is a foreign or Thai national.