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  • Property Competition Rules

    I own a villa and land in Thailand through a Thai registered company. I am considering holding a competition where the winner will receive the house and Company as a prize. All entrants will have to answer questions to enable them to purchase tickets at £5.00 each. It will all be set up in the UK. Can you tell me if this is legal? Thank you
  • Real estate and ownership laws in Thailand

    Thai real estate laws

    Real estate or property law in Thailand is the area of Thai law that governs the rights of use, possession and various forms of ownership of immovable property (land, house, condominium). In this article a brief legal introduction to the most common real estate laws in Thailand.

    Primary sources of Thai property law for foreigners

  • Thailand Condominium Buying Foreign Ownership

    Foreign Ownership
    buying an apartment unit

    Thai condo laws define a 'condominium' as a building that can be separated into units for individual ownership and includes common properties (land on which the building sits, hallways, elevators, etc.). Only condominium buildings licensed under the condo act and registered with the land department as 'condominium' offer individual ownership of the units and joint ownership of the common areas and government issued ownership unit title deeds. Private 'holiday' apartment projects, not having obtained a condo license, do not offer ownership of the unit spaces nor joint ownership in the common areas, but only offer possession under private contract structures.

  • what rights do I have selling of my house or not selling

    my wife is selling our house with out my consent. She is after a divorce and know that I have rights. She is trying to sell before we start with the divorce. I will end up with nothing. What should I do? We also have to successful businesses. I have been there from the start on both accounts