• Can I get my money back from Absolute Vacation Club (timeshare) or have my membership resold

    I purchased a timeshare club membership from Absolute Sales Corp Phuket in the Absolute Vacation Club in July 2010 and signed a contract and paid approx $Australian 16,500. The salesman promised orally that Absolute Sales would resell the membership for 90 precent of what I paid but this is not in the contract. The contract says only what is in writing applies and that there are no refunds. When I asked them to resell they said that they are not currently reselling memberships. Also I was defrauded in the currency conversion loosing $AUD500. Further the cooling off period days was not specified in the contract. I verbally requested a refund in the cooling off period but they said no refunds. Contract says laws of the British Virgin Islands apply and jurisdiction of BVI.Courts. Can I lodge a claim against them in a Thai Court. Where are the courts and is there one in Phuket? Do I have any chance of winning against them in court? Would it take long.? Is there an expert Solicitor ?