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Thai legal for expats

Prohibited occupations
and work-permit in Thailand

A work permit is issued by the 'foreign employment division of the Labor Department and social welfare ministry'. A work permit is for a specific foreigner with specific qualities, allowing the foreigner to do a specific described job, for a specific employer, at a specific location.

A foreigners job may not be a prohibited occupation for foreigners (list issued under the Foreign Employment Act). The general list contained the following occupations listed below (it should be noted that for practical reasons for some occupations (e.g. legal work in Thailand) the foreigner's work permit may describe a more creative ('consultant' like) description of his job and reason of employment).

Under Thai Law foreigners are prohibited to engage in any of the following occupations

  • Manual work
  • Work in agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry or fishery excluding specialized work in each particular branch or farm supervision
  • Bricklaying, carpentry or other construction works
  • Wood carving
  • Driving mechanically propelled carried or driving non-mechanically-propelled vehicle, excluding international aircraft piloting
  • Shop attendance
  • Auction
  • Supervising, auditing or giving service in accountancy excluding internal auditing on occasions
  • Cutting or polishing jewelry
  • Haircutting, hairdressing or beauty treatment
  • Cloth weaving by hand
  • Weaving of mate or making products from reeds, rattan, hemp, straw or bamboo pellicle
  • Making of Sa paper by hand
  • Lacquer ware making
  • Making of Thai musical instrument
  • Niello ware making
  • Making of products from gold, silver or gold-copper alloy
  • Bronze ware making
  • Making of Thai dolls
  • Making of mattress or quilt blanket
  • Alms bowls casting
  • Making of silk products by hand
  • Casting of Buddha images
  • Knife making
  • Making of paper of cloth umbrella
  • Shoemaking
  • Hat Making
  • Brokerage or agency excluding brokerage or agency in international trade business
  • Engineering work in civil engineering branch concerning designing and calculation, organization, research, planning, testing, construction supervision or advising excluding specialized work
  • Architectural work concerning designing, drawing of plan, estimating, construction directing or advising
  • Garments making
  • Pottery or ceramic ware making
  • Cigarette making by hand
  • Guide or conducting sightseeing tours
  • Street Vending
  • Type setting of Thai characters by hand
  • Drawing and twisting silk-thread by hand
  • Office or secretarial work
  • Legal or lawsuit services

source: Alien Occupational Control Division, Department of Employment Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

Note that foreigners must also meet minimum monthly salary requirement (by nationality), different amounts apply to different nationalities working in the corporate sector (profit-making business). For others professions like teachers other rules and minimum salary requirements apply.

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