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Setting up a Thai company
starting and forming a limited company in Thailand

The process of setting up a Thai limited company and steps taken in order to achieve and complete the incorporation process, from the reservation of a business name till the certificate of incorporation of the company, can under the new company formation rules be completed in a few days. The registration of a company is processed by the DBD or Department of Business Development in Thailand.

Thai Business Law

A limited company is a juristic or juridical person and enjoys the same rights and is subject to the same duties as a natural person, except those which, by reason of their nature , may be enjoyed or incurred only by a natural person (subject to section 66 civil and commercial code). A majority Thai owned limited company is considered of Thai nationality, a majority foreign owned company is considered foreign. Foreigners and foreign companies are under the Foreign Business Act not allowed to operate businesses in Thailand unless a foreign business license has been granted.

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Nature and Formation of Limited Companies

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Company Law
accounting and corporate income tax

The basic accounting principles practiced in the Europe and the United States are accepted in Thailand. The Institute of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Thailand is the authoritative group promoting the application of generally accepted accounting principles. Auditing standards conforming to international auditing standards are, to the greater extent, recognized and practiced by authorized auditors in Thailand. Any accounting method which is adopted by a company must be used consistently and may be changed only with approval of the Revenue Department.

Revenue Department Thailand: Corporate Income Tax (external)