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Setting up a Thai company
starting and forming a limited company in Thailand

The process of setting up a Thai limited company and steps taken in order to achieve and complete the incorporation process, from the reservation of a business name till the certificate of incorporation of the company, can under the new company formation rules be completed in a few days. The registration of a company is processed by the DBD or Department of Business Development in Thailand.

In short the following steps must be taken in the setting up process of incorporation of a limited company


To form a limited company at least 3 promoters (future limited company's shareholders) are required who should be natural persons (at least 12 years old) and must subscribe to buy at least 1 share

Steps in short

The formation steps are registered with the Department of Business Development Provincial District office

  • The registration of a business company name
  • The 'memorandum of association is filed
    1. contains the reserved company’s name
    2. address and location of head office
    3. company business objectives
    4. compoany's registered capital divided into shares (share’s value must be at least 5 Baht)
    5. details of of the promoters setting up the company
    6. details of 2 witnesses
  • The 'articles of association are filed
  • A 'statutory meeting' is held
  • Tax ID