500,000b payment

hi, I'm Japanese woman who staying Thai. I have 3 kids as single mom, also kids staying in Thai, too. I have problem now. I have Thai husband who living together but he still marriage registration with Thai woman. He asked Thai-wife to divorce since more than 10 years ago but wife won't accept this (because his job is doctor). He separated with her 2 years and we are living together now. We have 2 years daughter, that is she accepted. However his wife sue me about money 2 million for she got shame and mental injury from me. The family court ordered me to pay 500,000b today. I can not understand this result. This is not fair for me. Even I pay 500,000b, she doesn't divorce yet but he separated already. (it is need more than 3 years separate for divorce). I want to ask that 500,000b is normal for this case? If I want to go 2nd court, is anyone can help my situation? Not only the wife got mental injury. I having hard life many years because of this situation. I bought house and land for our baby but its his name. His wife sue that for as marriage properties even all I paid and even I showed the evidences in the court. I read old case in Thai similar in this case, the case was police officer had mistress. His wife sue the mistress for money more than 10M. The court order to the mistress to pay wife 500.000b and they were divorced. Why so much expensive this case? Because the police officer was famous, high position, also his wife had "high society life" with him. So court ordered to pay expensive. In my case, judge said that his wife is house wife, she has sick now. I have to help her because I have money. (her sick is "shoulder pain and eye problem", she is very healthy because go to party and drinking wine often). I didn't have opportunity for explain my situation.... I need some one help...
Asked 8 years ago
M Sawat

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