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Hi Team, I have one question does foreigner can apply and hold 2 Work Permit on same time? Because one of my foreigner working and living in Thailand since 2012 but right now one of other small company offer him to work on holidays like Sat & Sunday for Part time position and in return company pay small compensation to him so in this case i would like to know does he need another work permit from second company and can he hold both work permit on same time? if yes then what about visa because first company apply employee extension visa every year from out of Bangkok but second company belongs to Bangkok does he need to apply visa too or same visa he can continue and just apply work permit.. I shall be very thankful for your kind assistance on this matter. thanks
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Asked 7 years ago
Irfan Khan
A work permit in Thailand is always for a specific job at a specified location and for a specific employer, if you have 2 companies or when you are employed by 2 different companies you need a separate work permit for each company. You need a non-immigrant B or O visa in your passport.
Answered 7 years ago
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