Owning a house in koh chang (built on water)

I am looking at a house in Thailand which is on the water, and has a walkway to the land. The title is something called Tabien Baan and located in Koh Chang. I cannot find any information regarding this. Is this a secure form of title? What does it actually mean?

Asked 11 years ago
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Buy a house in Koh Chang?

Tabien baan or house registration book is not a title deed or ownership deed. It is nothing important, they call it a title because it confirms a form of possession (for local Thais), but absolutely not ownerhip.
As a foreigner you cannot claim possession over something that is actually in a public area. These houses on the water are governed by the marine department, there is some permission granted to locals, but as a foreigner you should stay away from it.
A house book or tabien baan can easily be revoked by the local government, it could even have been issued on a temporary basis, and as it is merely an administrative document you cannot claim any damages when they would withdraw permission for these houses.
If you like a house over there rent it on a monthly basis, do not try to buy! because you cannot buy it! This structure on the water is not governed by the Thailand land department and therefore you cannot register any rights (sale, lease) over the house. Compare it to land without a title.
Answered 11 years ago

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