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  • Condo Sale and Purchase contract Payment and Terms

    Sale Agreement
    apartment payment terms

    for a resale or off-plan condo in Thailand

    In case of a resale condo unit/ apartment in Thailand the purchase price for the unit could be paid by cashier's check to the seller at the time of transfer of ownership of the unit at the land office (standard practice). In this case the buyer of the condo must obtain a cashier's cheque and the foreign exchange documents (FET-form) from his bank inside Thailand required for registration of foreign ownership under Thai condominium laws.

  • Condominium unit's ownership title deed

    Condo Laws
    ownership deeds

    The unit ownership 'title deed' is the official ownership document of an apartment unit in a condo registered under the Thailand Condominium Act and is issued and administrated by the competent official of the Land Department. The apartment title deed contains the following main particulars:

  • Selling my condo - who pays the transfer tax?

    Hello, We are planning to buy a condo in Thailand. How much transfer tax must we pay as foreign buyers? What are the yearly property taxes in Thailand?