• Is there a tax when you inherit a condominium?

    When a foreigner dies and leaves his condo in Thailand to his children, do they have to pay any inheritance tax? and I read that we have to sell the unit within a year but I do not understand this because we are his children and only heirs and my father owned the condo in his own name, has a last will for the condo, he was not married, nor living with someone. Can you explain.
  • Lease/Sale condo over 240 months with payments based on GOLD bar orice

    Can a foreign owner of a condo sell a condo with these terms. Is this legal and ok in Thailand? Seller is old and wants steady income that is linked to gold so that he does not loose purchasing power. Buyer has no big money to buy condo but has a solid business that anyway pays rent to the tune of 30,000 baht per month. Can the owner of a condo LEASE his condo over 240 months wherein... Payment shall be in Thai Baht CURRENCY to selkers Thai bank account not gold. On the 1st of each month you look up the 1st morning price for 1 Thai Gold Baht 23k bar at Thai Gold Traders Association at http://www.goldtraders.or.th and multiply this by 2 and that is the payment you make in Thai currency on that morning. August 15th 1 Thai Gold Baht 23k bar = 22,000 x 2 = 44,000 baht Thus if I buy gold on the day of payment I will end up with 288 bars of the 1 Thai Gold Baht 23k bar. The buyer cannot pay off the seller even with 288 bars of gold or money equivelent early!!!! After lease completed the seller must turn over condo to buyer at the land department and buyer and seller split transfer fees.
  • Sell Condo before final ownership

    Hello. Does my american wife need to be in Thailand with me to sell our condo? We have not yet received the ownership documents as it was recently completed. basicaly I am selling the construction contract which is fullly paid. Thanks for your help
  • What is the consequence of 'and or' in the condominium sale agreement?

    I signed a sale and purchase agreement for condo Thailand together with my Thai wife. We are buying the condo together from the developer. The contract refers to us as buyers together, but also that we could be separate buyers. I 'and/or' my wife who is a Thai national is the buyer of the condo. Are there any benefits for wording the contract like this?