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  • Can I own a property in Thailand after marriage?

    I am looking for an answer to a question I have regarding ownership of a property in Thailand. At the moment my Thai fiancé and I have a house in Issan in her name, however when we get married, is it possible as her spouse to own another property and have the house in my name and the land in hers?
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    foreign ownership of a house

    Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand but are allowed to lease land under a land lease agreement registered with the land department and own the structure built on leased land. Obtaining the correct legal ownership of the building upon the leased land greatly increases the land lessee's rights and long term interest in the property. The right to own a building upon another man's land however always relates to the right to use and possess the land, i.e the term of the land lease (and optional the term of an additional right of superficies).

  • Thai House Registration and Resident Book

    Tabien baan
    Yellow or blue Thai house book

    this is a yellow house book

    What is a tabien baan or Thai house book?
    Tabien baan or Thai house book is the official local government issued house or apartment address and resident registration booklet. It is an administrative document issued by the local municipality (amphur). The persons having their domicile or legal residence at the house or condo unit are registered in the house book.