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  • Land code amendment act 1999

    Land Laws
    land code amendment act

    Foreign land ownership in Thailand under a treaty

    Foreigners may under section 86 of the Land Code acquire land in Thailand by virtue of the provision of a treaty providing him with the right to own land. Obtaining such acquisition is subject to the provision of the Land Code and the Ministerial Regulations issued under the Land Code, and the permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Interior. Before the termination of the treaty which was made on February 27th, 1970, there were 16 countries bided to the treaty;

  • Land Laws Prohibiting Foreign Land Ownership

    Land Ownership in Thailand
    foreign ownership restrictions

    The restrictions of private foreign land ownership in Thailand is not absolute and can exist, pursuant section 86 of the Land Code Act, under a treaty (no treaty available) and foreigners can since 1999 qualify for land ownership under section 96 bis of the Land Code Act. In practice the exception in section 96 bis is so restrictive that this is not a viable option for foreigners. In general foreign land ownership in Thailand is prohibited and a foreigner who personally or through an agent (nominee) violates foreign land ownership restrictions is liable for fines and imprisonment (section 111 Land Code Act).

  • Land Title Deeds Land Documents in Thailand

    sample thai land title deed showing back of title

    Land Laws
    land title documents

    Land documents and deeds evidencing a person's legal right or title to land. Large areas of Thailand do not have the status of titled land or land confirmed for private use and possession but are government or public land or at the best forms of land claims generally used by farmers. No juristic acts like a sale, lease, superficies or usufruct can be registered over these types of land, this is only possible over land titles offering private ownership or a confirmed right of possession, issued by the land department of Thailand.

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    Thai land laws
    Thailand Land Code Act

    Foreigners may under section 86 of the land code act acquire land in Thailand by virtue of the provision of a treaty giving him the right to own land. There is currently no treaty with any country allowing foreigners to own land in Thailand. The Thai government created one specific and restrictive exemption for foreign land ownership in section 96 bis of this act.