property tax

  • Immovable Property Conveyancing Tax

    Real Property Tax
    standard conveyancing tax rates

    The taxes and fees imposed and collected upon transfer of ownership of a real property (condominium apartment, land, house, land and house) in Thailand are: transfer fee, specific business tax (if applicable), stamp duty (if applicable), income withholding tax.

  • Land Ownership Registration by a Thai Married to Foreign National

    Land Acquisition
    by Thai national married to a foreigner

    A Thai national married to a foreign national may acquire land in Thailand but it must be assured that the land will be a personal property of the Thai spouse and not a joint asset between husband and wife based on marital property laws.

  • Property Tax Land and Building Tax

    Thai Property Taxes
    building and land tax

    There are no general property taxes (capital tax on property imposed by the government) in Thailand, but real properties put to commercial use (residential houses not 'owner occupied' and commercial buildings) must under the Building and Land Tax Act pay a 'rental' tax at a rate of 12,5 % of the annual rental value or the annual assessed rental value, whichever is higher.

  • Selling my condo - who pays the transfer tax?

    Hello, We are planning to buy a condo in Thailand. How much transfer tax must we pay as foreign buyers? What are the yearly property taxes in Thailand?