thai wife

  • child adoption

    My Thai wife wants to adopt a child but I do not. For her to adopt a child is it necessary for her to divorce or can we remain married. If we remain married can my wife legally adopt a child by herself without my agreement?
  • Do I have to pay for my Thai wifes gambling debts?

    My Thai wife has a tendancy to gamble when she gets drunk and may well offer to use our house or land as a wager. How about my rights to the house and am I responsible for her gambling debts upon divorce which I am unaware of at present as these were not for family but for her own personal amusement?
  • Good Afternoon,

    Hello, I have a question about recognizing the daughter of my (soon to be) wife from an previous marriage. The Thai father don't want to have anything to do with the girl anymore and signed papers for this at the Amphur also. We have planned our wedding on 6-10-2016 in Bangkok and i want to recognize the daughter as my daughter. We only have no idea how to arrange all of this, if we married will the daughter be mine automatically or do we need to make more steps? Thank you in advance Rik Snippe Alkmaar Holland