Land Superficies Contract (Th-En)

This complete Thai English superficies agreement is for undeveloped land in Thailand. This contract can be used when you plan to build a home on land you do not own. Superficies is a real right (in essence attached to the land, as opposed contract rights which are in essence attached to the parties) legally separating ownership of the land and ownership of the building.

superficies contract in Thai and English

Superficies contract package contains

  • Complete right of superficies contract in Thai and English (in Office Words and RTF format allowing editing of the documents)
  • The package includes a complete land lease agreement (Th-En) (Thai lawyer drafted long term land lease ready to use for registration or to use as reference)
  • Read this document with legal notes, law reference and instructions
  • Click here for a sample (the contract in our right of superficies contract package is different from this sample)

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