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  • Can the executor and witness a Thai will foreign?

    • Question asked by Marcus
    • 1 answer
    For making a Thai last will and testament in Thailand, are the witnesses and or executor/ administrator of the will supposed to be of Thai or can they also be of foreign...
  • How is exactly marital property calculated under Thai marriage laws?

    • Question asked by Philip
    • 1 answer
    Is there some math formula how to calculate common marital assets between husband and wife in Thailand when the marriage ends by divorce or death, or is just everything you buy...
  • What are the divorce grounds in Thailand?

    • Question asked by Hamp
    • 1 answer
    Does Thailand recognize no fault divorce, or do you always need a fault ground for a divorce under Thai law? The thing is, our marriage is broken beyond repair but we do not want...
  • Is a foreign marriage valid in Thailand

    • Question asked by Gere
    • 1 answer
    Maybe you can answer my question. Is a marriage under foreign law valid in thailand? Say, we (foreign and thai national) married in Germany and want to register our marriage in...
  • Leaving my condo in Thailand to my son in England

    • Question asked by Stephen
    • 1 answer
    Hello I am English living in Thailand. I have a condo which I would like to give or leave to my son in England . I guess all I need is a document I can attach to the chanote and...
  • How long is the waiting period between a divorce and new marriage?

    • Question asked by Ray Charles
    • 3 answers
    Does anyone know the answer? My fiancee just comes out of a previous marriage. We are planning to marry but now someone told us we cannot marry within a period of 1 year after...
  • Is my Thai wife entitled to the house?

    • Question asked by Stephan
    • 2 answers
    I invested 1,8 million baht in a house in Thailand and registered it on the name of my wife. Now she wants to divorce but refuses to share my investment. Today she closed the...
  • Can I own a property in Thailand after marriage?

    • Question asked by Larry
    • 1 answer
    I am looking for an answer to a question I have regarding ownership of a property in Thailand. At the moment my Thai fiancé and I have a house in Issan in her name, however when...
  • prenuptial refused by the amphur?

    • Question asked by Endo
    • 0 answers
    I purchased the prenuptial agreement from you and did everything as per the instructions. On the 12th December we all visited Ampur Lak Si, Bangkok and when they got round to us...