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  • Are there any risk for my assets after a Thai marriage?

    When I marry in Thailand to a Thai national. so under Thai law, does my marriage has consequences for any property I own? Thanks
  • Can I marry a Thai girl who has a running Partner visa with an Australian citizen from 5 years but they are now separated

    Hello, I am a French Citizen. I have met my Thai girlfriend about 1 year ago and we want to marry soon. Recently she told me the she has a permanent Partner visa with an Australian citizen 5 years ago but they never got married. She does not like this guy anymore but she does not want to have any contact with him anymore. Can we marry in Thailand whereas this Partner visa is still active OR not? Will this Partner visa cause a problem for Thai authorities or for the Frenchembassy, and will it prevent the marriage to happen? Thanks
  • Can I own a property in Thailand after marriage?

    I am looking for an answer to a question I have regarding ownership of a property in Thailand. At the moment my Thai fiancé and I have a house in Issan in her name, however when we get married, is it possible as her spouse to own another property and have the house in my name and the land in hers?
  • Marriage Contract Prenuptial in Thailand

    Marriage Contract
    prenuptial in Thailand

    A prenuptial in Thailand is established through agreement between a man and a woman who are about to be married. A prenuptial agreement in Thailand (download ZIP-package) is ONLY a valid contract if it is made BEFORE the marriage and REGISTERED with the local municipality government office where the marriage takes place.

    Sample of a prenuptial agreement

  • Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand Before Marriage

    Marriage laws
    benefits of a prenuptial agreement

    Prenuptial agreements in Thailand, as a pre-marriage contract, are specifically governed by sections 1465 to 1469 of the Thailand Civil Code. Worldwide the content of a prenuptial can vary widely, but under Thai law a prenuptial contract can only deal with personal and marital property of husband and wife. In addition, the tough standard for drafting a prenup in Thailand is that the content may not be against the law or good morals.

    this is a prenuptial template agreement in Thai and English languageContract Download
  • Registration of a Thai Marriage

    marriage and divorce certificates

    Thai Family Law
    civil marriage in Thailand

    Marriage in Thailand is governed by the Civil and Commercial Code book 5, sections 1435 to 1535. A marriage (section 1457) can take place only if the man and woman (who are at least 18 years old) agree to take each other as husband and wife, and such agreement must be declared publicly before the Registrar in order to have it recorded by the Registrar. Marriage in Thailand is created and completed on formal registration and inclusion in the government's marriage register.

  • Thai Divorce Law and Legal Grounds

    Thai divorce or marriage certificate

    Marriage law
    divorce grounds in Thailand

    Divorce formally terminates marriage in Thailand and is the legal ending of a marriage. Divorce in Thailand means the dissolution of a marriage by the judgment of a court pursuant the grounds for divorce as listed under section 1516 of the Civil and Commercial Code or by the Amphur in Thailand upon request in person by both spouses and when there is mutual consent on the terms of divorce between husband and wife.