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En ventre sa mere

French language for 'In his/her mother's womb' or 'in his/her mother's belly'. Standard legal language and refers to the unborn child (fetus in utero) which is accepted to be a minor, provided it is subsequently born alive. Found for example in section 15 Thailand Civil and Commercial Code second paragraph: 'the unborn child (in his mother's womb) is capable of rights provided that it is thereafter born alive.'


money or other goods transferred to a neutral third party licensed under the Thailand Business Escrow Act and held by this party (usually financial institution) on behalf of contract parties pending fulfilment of some condition of a contract...


in relation to inheritance and wills meaning the person or institution appointed to carry out the terms of a will. The will administrator or executor is responsible for the payment of any debts and to distribute the remaining assets of the testators wishes or according to inheritance and succession laws when there is no last will or testament.

Author - Thailand Lawyer Online
Synonyms - administrator