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legal term used in property law describing the non-possessory right or beneficial interest that a person has over an immovable property of another person (like right of way/ easement between servient property and dominant property), it runs with that immovable property or properties and can apply to a variety of benefits and burdens and is governed by section 1387 to 1401 of Thailand the civil and commercial code.

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Synonyms - easement
Sin Somros

that is marital assets or property of the marriage jointly owned by husband and wife, in general all properties acquired after the marriage (except those listed in section 1471 under 3)

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Synonyms - marital property
Sin Suan Tua

that is personal non-marital property, i.e. generally all debts and assets owned and acquired before the marriage (including 'Khongman')

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Synonyms - non-marital

in relation to family and marriage laws meaning that you have never been married before

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Property given by the man to the parents, adopter or guardian of his fiancée before marriage as part of engagement ceremony (betrothal), in return for the woman (fiancée) agreeing to marry the man (found in Thai law section 1437 civil code). 

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Synonyms - dowry
Sor Tor Gor

Land document issued by the forest department granting the right to a private person to reside and live in a specific area of land in reserved forest land (public land prohibited for private ownership), a sor.tor.gor gives a personal right (like the right of habitation) and cannot be sold but can be passed on by inheritance.


a person who (unlawfully) occupies unused land acquires ownership rights by holding the property for a specific period of time (see section 1382 below). Squatters' rights in Thailand depend in the length of (adverse) possession and type of land title (land with a full ownership deed or mere possession rights)

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Synonyms - adverse possession
Sui Juris

A person who is capable of managing one's own affairs, like making a valid contract. A person who has all the rights and is not under the power of another (e.g. a minor). Every one of full age is presumed to be sui juris. In Thailand a person on completion of twenty years of age becomes sui juris (section 19 Thailand civil and commercial code).


civil law legal term: the owner of a piece of land may create a right of superficies in favor of another person by giving him the right to own, upon or under the land, buildings, structures or plantations.

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