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Tabien Baan

address and resident registration book issued by the local municipality for every apartment, house or place to live in and registers and administrates the persons having principal residency (domicile) at a dwelling.


Or tessebaan (municipality) is the local government administrative body of a village, town, or city in Thailand.


a house and resident registration book (tabien baan) with a bright yellow cover used for the registration of foreign nationals who stay in Thailand at the dwelling on a temporary basis.


a house and resident registration book (tabien baan) with a dark blue colored cover used for the registration of thai nationals and foreigners with official residency in thailand having their permanent home at the specific dwelling.

Tor Dor 21

Standard Thai script land office power of attorney giving authrority to someone to act on behalf of the owner of the immovable property at the land department's office and to do a described action or transaction regarding a specific immovable property in Thailand.