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means a unit of measurment of land in Thailand. A unit of surface expressed in Rai is equal to 1600 square meters in metric measurment, 1 acre is approx 2,5 Rai.

Real rights

Real rights (e.g. superficies, usufruct, habitation, servitude) are primarily attached to a property and follows ownership of the property (third parties have to respect a real right) as distinguished from personal rights (e.g. contracts rights such as sale, tenancy, gift) which are primarily only enforceable and binding between the parties (attached to the parties not the property). Real rights are governed by book IV 'Property' and not Book II 'Obligations' or Book III 'Specific Contracts'.

Author - Thailand Lawyer Online
rental tax

tax payable to the local government under the Land and Building Tax. Applies among others to properties rented out in their district therefore feels like a rental tax though not correct because Land and Building Tax has a broader application and it is not aimed at taxing rental income (as rental income is already taxable under the Revenue Code)

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