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voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man or woman and someone he or she is not married to giving grounds for divorce in Thailand

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affirmation of marital status

foreigners getting married in Thailand require an Affirmation of Marital Status (affidavit of freedom to marry). This is a statement certified by your embassy stating that you are legally free to marry. After it is signed by your embassy it must be translated to Thai by a licensed translator and legalized by the legalization division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. In this form it is an official document required to register your marriage with the district office (Amphur) in Thailand.

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Synonyms - Affidavit of freedom to marry

payment allowance for a spouse (or legitimate child) after separation or divorce (maintenance)

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The local government district administrative office for public matters and services between the government and people who are registered as having their domicile in their district (marriage, birth, death, divorce, address registration, etc.). Amphurs make up a province and are subdivided in Tambons.

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Synonyms - ampoe
usually refers to declaring a marriage invalid by the formal declaration that annuls the marriage. In Thailand under Thai law a marriage can be declared void and declared invalid pursuant the sections 1494 to 1500 civil and commercial code.
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A unit designed for use as a dwelling in a multi unit building occupied by more than one household. When registered as a condominium with the Thailand Land Department offering individual private ownership of the units and joint ownership of the common parts of the property, without registion as a condominium the building usually remains owned by the developer offering rent of the units to different tenants.

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Synonyms - condo
Appraised value

The official government assessed property value for a specific real property in Thailand based on a calculation method set by the Land Department and the Treasury Department and is adjusted every 4 years based on market conditions. Is among others used to determine the (minimum) amount of property or transfer tax that must be paid.

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The Thailand 'association' as a legal entity (or juristic person) is created for conducting any activity which is to be done continuously and collectively by persons other than that of sharing profits or incomes earned, pursuant to sections 78 to 136 Civil and Commercial Code.

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